Training & Development Programme

NZ Dairy Careers delivers industry training and a learning experience that delivers the best possible outcomes for candidates and the on-going needs of the Dairy industry.

We are a world-renowned company recognised for providing training, upskilling and development for people wishing to be successful in the dairy industry internationally and in New Zealand.

Industry training is designed for people in employment - it can be delivered online, on farm and through short courses, events, practical components and courses through our partner Agri Training. We also offer a range of field trips and industry speakers to give you further exposure to gaining knowledge in the dairy industry.

It's tailored and supportive!

Programme Summary

Our training reflects the seasonality of the industry, so you can put your learnings straight into practice. It's also tailored to fit around you and your work commitments. Our tutor will visit you on farm and help you set goals and keep you on track. We also provide mentoring, guidance, support and motivation.

What You Will Learn

Our training starts at entry-level on arrival into NZ focusing on practical learning and an introduction to the basic dairy skills before going on farm; these include health and safety, motorbike training, animal health and welfare, confidence building and best practice.

Programme Structure and Workload

Examples of some of the training modules that will be completed while on the one year programme are set out below:

  • Milk Quality, Plant and Techniques
  • Calf Rearing and Calf Housing
  • Animal Welfare and Health
  • Farm Chemicals
  • Soil and Environmental Science
  • Irrigation Systems and Effluent systems
  • Pasture Management
  • Feed Budgets
  • Winter and Summer Crops
  • Farm Maintenance
  • Tractor Skills
  • Motorbike Safety
Why Use NZ Dairy Careers?

Once on farm an individual training and development plan is put in place and covers topic everything from animal health, calving and milk quality to feeding and pastures, breeding and people management.

NZDC also assist with connecting you to accredited employers and help you every step of the way in arranging interviews and getting an employment offer for you to consider. If you accept an employment offer in NZ you will be provided with accommodation and full industry rates. (return airfares are paid for by your employer).


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