Moving Farms

Whatever the terminology Gypsy Day or Moving Day, it is almost here for 2021. Are you ready?

Sharemilking is a unique opportunity here in New Zealand. It is an opportunity for people in the industry to build their assets without the huge outlay from the cost of land while allowing landowners the opportunity to utilise their land without a huge workload and stock commitment. Moving (Gypsy) Day is a big day for sharemilkers and farmers alike with lots to think about, but it’s not just land and herd owners who are invested in the annual 1 June move. For dairy assistants, managers and on farm hands, this time means movement for them and their families too.…

Sophie NZDC

Lockdown down under on a New Zealand dairy farm

Sophie Ferris, a student in the Level 3 Advanced Technical Extended Diploma in Agriculture course at Greenmount Campus, CAFRE, joined the New Zealand Dairy Careers ‘Live, Learn and Earn Programme’ in 2019 and spent 12 months here in New Zealand. She has written of her time here in New Zealand and of the programme - we are really pleased to share her story…

Standing cow

A new season is on the way

The new dairy season is now upon us and once again, be prepared well in advance with recruitment and retention of staff is the theme. NZ Dairy Careers began a new initiative in February to further support this message with Chew The Cud Week which is intended to be the official start point for the industry for conversations about employment for next season...

NZDC February Update: Hot Jobs, Make your next career mooove in February, Dairy Women’s Network

It is hard to believe it is February already. January has just flown by! The team at NZDC have been busy welcoming our new arrivals from the Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT). We currently have 11 students in Canterbury on 16 week placements. The group are currently studying for a Bachelor of Ag Science from WIT - a university-level institution in the South-East of Ireland...

First FRS and NZDC New Zealand recruit begins work in Cork

The FRS has been working to help ease the labour shortage in the dairy sector by recruiting workers from New Zealand.

The first dairy farm worker from New Zealand has arrived to work on a farm in Co Cork, as part of the Farm Relief Service’s (FRS) recruitment drive to meet demand for dairy workers...

Kiwis for Irish farms

If two Irish farmers have their way, young Kiwis will be winging their way across the world to help fill yawning gaps in their country’s dairy farm labour pool.

Padrig Madden and John Brosnahan from Farm Relief Services were in Ashburton last night on a recruiting drive where they sold the dream of living, earning and learning in Ireland..

Find out first hand what it's like to Live, Learn & Earn in Ireland

Earlier this year, NZ Dairy Careers Director Matt Jones, met with Farm Relief Services (FRS) in Ireland to create opportunities for worker exchanges between Ireland and New Zealand which correspond with each country’s off-season. The main purpose of the exchange is to address the current agriculture labour shortage that each country has been experiencing, while giving successful candidates the opportunity to live, learn and earn in new surroundings...

Irish Dairy Farm Exchange Set To Address Skilled Worker Shortage

Up to 50 young dairy farm workers could be experiencing St Patrick’s Day in Ireland as they begin filling short term employment gaps on the Emerald Isle. NZ Dairy Careers Consultant, Matt Jones, has hammered out a deal with Irish farming organisations and dairy companies to create opportunities for worker exchanges between Ireland and New Zealand to correspond with each country’s off-season...

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